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Technology & Coding

Helping Young Engineers Broaden Their Minds in a Fun Environment

Technology is evolving every day, and companies in every career field are constantly searching for workers that have technology skills. Engineering For Kids creates this experience for children through a wide variety of fun and engaging programs like video game design, vehicle design, bridge construction, and more!

How can technology benefit your child’s future? Here are just a few examples:
  • Expands horizons: We can engage your child or student in a technological program or workshop that’s unlike anything he or she has ever seen. This can improve their curiosity and imagination.
  • Improves problem-solving skills: Technology and coding are all about solving problems. Our talented educators utilize advanced programs that help develop and improve your child or student’s math skills and logical reasoning.
  • Increases motivation: Our programs are structured to help boost your child or student’s confidence so he or she can feel motivated to overcome challenges.
  • Improves social skills: Many of our workshops encourage working in teams to solve problems. By interacting with other kids, your child or student can develop the necessary social skills needed to work in any job environment.
  • Improves focus skills: Our technology and coding classes help engineers improve their attention to detail and overall levels of focus.

Not only do our engineers get to create these programs and machines, but they also get to interact with them and modify them. This has been time-tested and proven to ignite creative thinking and boost academic confidence.

Why Do Students Love Our Unique Teachers?

Our educators at Engineering For Kids have unique sets of skills and experience in technology and coding. We also utilize Makey Makey software as well as other tools and programs that can broaden your child’s mind. The variety of courses that we provide offer different ways for kids to learn using an up-to-date and engaging curriculum.

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