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Online Text Based Coding Sessions; Junior Engineers; 4-7yrs; Mondays; Book Now For $60


Online Text Based Coding Sessions; Junior Engineers; 4-7yrs; Mondays; Book Now For $60

Jun 8 — Dec 28, 2020 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm AWST

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Online Text Based Coding Sessions; Junior Engineers; 4-7yrs; Mondays; Book Now For $60

by Engineering For Kids Cockburn

$60.00 per student Per Month


Elevate your child’s coding skills from the comfort of your own home.

Ages: 4-7 yrs

Time: Weekly on Mondays 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Book Now For: Only $60/Month

No lock-in contract, cancel anytime.

What they’ll learn

Physics | Loops |Variables| Collaboration |Text based coding| Algorithms| Problem-solving| Animation

In a world dominated by technology, you’d be bananas not to equip your little monkeys with the 21st century skills essential to their generation. When it comes to preparing kids for the future, there are few skills more important to learn than computer coding!

CodeMonkey offers a fun, convenient and safe platform where both children and parents can come to learn and love coding.

As the leading online coding platform, we bring the fun back into learning with step-by-step tutorials utilising fun and familiar characters your kids will love.

Your little monkey will transform from a consumer of technology into a creator before your very eyes. They will start with learning the foundations of coding via the Coding Adventure modules and then they will progress to developing their own apps and games with the Game Builder and Challenge Builder modules.

Learning to code with CodeMonkey helps your child build fundamental skills in the areas of maths and literacy as well as problem-solving and critical thinking; all essential skills our children need to succeed in a tech-driven society.

Students as young as seven can join our platform and start to see the benefits of learning code from day one.

It’s time to equip your child with these essential skills and Code Monkey is the best way to do it. Swing into our classroom with proven student outcomes and join more than 6 million children worldwide in shaping the world of tomorrow.


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Engineering For Kids Cockburn


About the Organiser

At Engineering For Kids, we bring the fun of science, technology, engineering, and math education to kids, ages 4 to 14, through exciting camps, after-school activities, parties, classes, and more. Our young engineers have the opportunity to design, build, test, and refine their own creations in a safe and fun environment.

As a nation with a globally competitive economy, the need for workers that are skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects is increasing every year. Engineering For Kids strives to play a big role in the solution to this problem by teaching children as young as age four how fun STEM can be.

At Engineering For Kids, we are providing children with a new take on science and math education. Our engineering classes and camps, created For Kids ages 4 to 14, engage children in  fun, creative activities to broaden their horizons.

Engineering is a rapidly going field with enormous job potential. There is a shortage of engineers in today’s job market. Many children are not given opportunities for hands-on learning in science and math outside of their regular school curriculum. We strive to nurture the scientific and creative side of our students and expose them to a field they may have a passion for.