About Our Founder & Our Values

How Engineering For Kids Is Changing the World

When looking to register her six and eight-year-old children for engineering programs, Dori Roberts noticed that there were very few options available. Soon, Engineering For Kids was born. Roberts opened her first location in 2009 and, in 2011, she started franchising her company. Over this short time, Engineering For Kids has opened more than 150 locations in over 35 different countries!

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Before It All Began

With 11 years of experience teaching engineering at a high school level, Dori Roberts has an extensive background in technology and math education. As a teacher and a mother, she was able to recognize how much engineering, science, and math programs were needed. During this time, she began an after-school club that took part in multiple science-based and engineering-based competitions.

The program attained 180 students and won numerous state championships, giving Roberts the idea to create similar programs adapted for a broader age demographic. She brought the first Engineering For Kids programs to a local elementary school, where they were a hit. She received such a positive response that she decided to leave teaching to devote all of her time developing Engineering For Kids.

The Program’s Success Today

Since its inception, this program has changed the lives of more than 350,000 students. Our franchisees share Roberts’ passion for Engineering For Kids and we all understand the need for science, technology, engineering, and math enrichment that’s engaging and fun.

At Engineering For Kids, the ultimate goal has always been to help kids have fun in an educational way. By customizing activities that tack onto what they’re already learning in their school curriculum, their knowledge of the subject matter solidifies, all while they build a variety of important social skills.

Our program is the best way for children to befriend others that share similar passions. Call 0450 160 692 to learn more about us and our values!